Explore the wonders of Thailand with Street View

Street View, Explore the wonders of Thailand with Street View

March 28, 2016

Street View Nestled in northern Thailand, Sukhothai Historical Park was once the capital of ancient Siam. Sukhothai means “dawn of happiness”, and now you too can explore this happy place from the palm of your hand with Google Maps. Today, the park joins over 150 new places and national treasures that are now available in 360-degree panoramic imagery on Google Street View.

Street View temple

Trekking around the Chai Watthanaram Temple at Ayutthaya Historical Park in Central Thailand

Temple visits are a must for any visitor to Thailand. Street View

You can also explore the Chinese architecture of the Viharn Sien Chinese Cultural and Religion Museum. Street View

Or take a whirlwind tour around Thailand’s most famous monuments and architectural attractions all in one place at Ancient Siam.

For good fortune, why not head over to the Erawan Museum just outside the capital? There you’ll find a giant Erawan statue, a mythological three-headed elephant, filled with antiquities and artifacts. earthtopomaps.com

Our trekker also found some real elephants on his travels, too. As well as bringing the ‘retirement home’ for elephants to Street View, we also had a chance to say hi to this big feller while capturing the Thai Thani Art & Culture Village in Eastern Thailand. earthtopomaps.comStreet View elephant
Trekker says hi to the elephants at the Thai Thani Art & Culture Village. earthtopomaps.com

Those strawberry fields really do feel like forever when you’re carrying the trekker: Street ViewStreet View strawberries

No trip to Thailand is complete without a tour of The Kingdom’s stunning southern beaches. There’s no shortage of inspiration for your next diving or beach get away. earthtopomaps.comStreet View trekkeron the cliff

Taking in the views at Koh Nang Yuan Posted by Cynthia Wei, Program Manager, Google Street View Whether you continue your journey in Google Maps or are inspired to visit in person, we invite you to enjoy exploring the wonders of Thailand.You can laze around Koh Samui’s white stretches of sand, take in the lagoons, cliffs and islets of Hin Ta Hin Yai and Koh Nang Yuan, or finda quiet grotto to watch the boats go by earthtopomaps.com

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