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Popular Street View Get a closer view of some of the world’s most extraordinary places earthtopomaps.comPopular Street View Treks Home Page

Popular Street View August 13, 2013

To complement the beautiful panoramas you see there, we’re also adding useful information about some of the featured locations We recently launched Views. To complement the beautiful panoramas you see there, we’re also adding useful information about some of the featured locations. We also invite you enjoy photos and videos from our past journeys to the Grand Canyon.

Popular Street View Screen Shot at

The Street View Special Collections page in Views earthtopomaps.com

Simply click on the “Go Behind the Views” icon to access this additional content.So come back often to check them out. Simply click on the “Go Behind the Views” icon to access this additional content.So come back often to check them out. Popular Street View The photography, video. Audio tours. And more provide a deeper understanding and appreciation for some of the most…

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Expanded 3D Buildings coverage


Expanded 3D Buildings coverage

July 7, 2011

(Cross-posted on the Official SketchUp Blog) earthtopomaps.com

Looking for new 3D cities to explore in far off places? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve been hard at work expanding our 3D coverage by adding ten of thousands of 3D buildings to these cities:

  • Berkeley, California USA
  • Cologne, Germany
  • The Hague, Netherlands

See the new buildings for yourself with the “3D Buildings” layer in Google Earthor by using Google Maps with Earth view.

Happy touring!

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A royal view…

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Building blocks: 3D models with detailed facades November 19, 2009 earthtopomaps.com


Building blocks: 3D models with detailed facades

November 19, 2009 earthtopomaps.com

With tools like SketchUp and Building Maker, modelers around the world have been creating remarkably high-quality 3D buildings for Google Earth — just check out any of our Featured Modelers to see the impressive work they’ve been doing. We’ve also had local governments contributing models of their entire city – like Amherst, Massachusetts and Washington, DC – through our Cities in 3D program.
At Google, we’ve also been busy working on expanding our 3D coverage. Last week, we added detailed 3D models for Valencia, Spain. Many of these were Google-created models and before that, across the Atlantic, we released models in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to adding entirely new areas, we’ve been tinkering with ways to make richer, detailed 3D models. If you zoom into downtown Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco…

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New 45° imagery for Detroit and 4 other cities


New 45° imagery for Detroit and 4 other cities

December 20, 2011 earthtopomaps.com
Earlier this month we highlighted 21 new cities with updated 45° imagery on Google Maps. In our last 45° imagery update of the year, we have 5 new cities from the Midwestern and Southern regions of the US.

Detroit, Michigan is one of those cities I’m particularly excited to share with you. Growing up nearby this great international city, I’ve gotten to know its beauty, character and deep history. Recently Detroit has attracted much international attention for its auto sector and changing urban landscape. earthtopomaps.com

With this 45° imagery update, and also using the Street View feature of Google Maps, you can now explore for yourself the wonderful revival that has happened in Detroit’s downtown core. Here at the corner of Montcalm and Woodward you can see the historic Fox Theatre and the famed Hockeytown Cafe, with the home of the Detroit Tigers and Lions just a…

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Google Earth 7.1 for Android and iOS


Google Earth 7.1 for Android and iOS, now with Street View

June 26, 2013 earthtopomaps.com

Whether you’re on foot looking for the best sushi place in a new neighborhood or you’d like to do some virtual archaeology around Pompeii, we’re all explorers of the world around us in our own way. Your definition of adventure is unique, so we like to offer several ways to explore the world. With the latest edition of Google Earth for Android or iOS – now available in more than 100 countries – your virtual adventures will be even more amazing and immersive.
 Chicago skyline in 3D in the new interface

Have you ever wanted to take a tour of Stonehenge or retrace the steps of Christopher Columbus? With the addition of Street View to Google Earth for mobile devices, you can explore many sites from street level right on your mobile device. And with the new streamlined…

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More 3D trees in the western United States


More 3D trees in the western United States

August 31, 2011

It’s late summer and many U.S. cities have reported record (or almost record) heat. Are you withering in warmth and longing for some shade under a tree? Maybe you can’t easily leave for your favorite park but trees are actually closer than you think! We’re happy to announce that we’ve added 3D trees to Google Earth in three new cities: Los Angeles, Denver and Boulder. earthtopomaps.com

Typically, when you imagine trees in Los Angeles, you picture the commanding palm trees that line the famous Hollywood avenues or dot the gracious mansions of Beverly Hills. While Palm Trees may dominate the landscape, there are actually many other trees both native and foreign that inhabit the city, such as the California Oak, Black Walnut trees, and California Sycamore (to name a few).

You can now get a glimpse of these trees with the new…

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