Mapping Deforestation Time


Mapping deforestation time

B)Mapping deforestation timeMapping the world’s deforestation over time

November 14, 2013

C)We’re excited to announce today that, in a collaboration led by Dr. Matthew Hansen at the University of Maryland, we’ve built the first detailed maps of the world’s forests, from 2000-2012. Documenting and quantifying forest landscape changes such as fires, tornadoes, disease and logging.The most significant findings were that the overall rate of tropical deforestation is increasing. And global forests have experienced a net loss of 1.5M sq km during 2000-2012 due to both natural (disturbance) and human causes.

D)Mapping deforestation. Global Forest Change, 2000-2012: individual maps of forest extent, gain, loss, and loss color-coded by year. Click to enlarge.

Sumatra has lost over 50% of its natural forest within the past 30 years. Click to enlarge.

E)The detailed study was published today in the journalScience, High-Resolution Global Maps of 21st-Century…

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