California dreamin Google Street View

A)California dreamin Google Street View

B)California dreamin Google Street View California dreamin` with Street View

C)California dreamin Google Street View California June 30, 2015

D)California dreamin Google Street View What better place to venture this summer than sunny California?. Starting today. You’ll be able to explore hundreds of new locations across the Golden State with Street View in Google Maps. So whether you’re sipping cabernet sauvignon in Napa. Dipping in the Pacific Ocean. Or hiking through the redwoods, you’ll get a peek of what awaits you along Route 101.

California boasts more than three thousand wineries across the state. And is known for its varietals ranging from buttery chardonnays to big-time zins. Aspiring sommeliers. Wine enthusiasts or just those who love a good view can now take a virtual tour of wineries across the state. Enjoy the sunny elegance and wonderful scenery at wineries like William Hill and Wolff Vineyards (we recommend you grab a glass while you browse). Explore the drums where wine is aged at Quintessa Winery before enjoying the open air patios that overlook the green hillsides of northern California. california dreamin google street view

Wolff Vineyards, San Luis Obispo, CA

E)Meanwhile, the vistas at Angel Island State Park. Nature lovers and camping enthusiasts alike can travel the winding trails through Big Basin Redwoods State Park and Portola Redwoods State Park, and gaze at glorious trees that rise hundreds of feet overhead. Meanwhile, the vistas at Angel Island State Park. Mendocino Headlands State Park and Glen Canyon Park may leave you breathless.  Meanwhile, the vistas at Angel Island State Park. california dreamin google street view

Redwood Loop Trail, Big Basin Redwoods State Park, California

F)Surf’s up! The Pacific Ocean may be chilly in person, but it sure looks warm under the Street View sun at Silver Strand State Beach. Looking out at the wide, expansive coastline at Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach. The clouds seem to sit right on the California horizon. Meanwhile, the vistas at Angel Island State Park.  california dreamin google street view

Silver Strand State Beach, California

G)Meanwhile, the vistas at Angel Island State Park. You can see conservation of these amazing landscapes happening right before your eyes by visiting several nature preserves. Guided by Trekker loan partner. The Nature Conservancy of California (TNC). See Kammerer Ranch Preserve, where TNC is studying blue oak trees in a protected watershed. Or Gonzales Farm Preserve, where you can go back in time to watch plants grow in an effort to build a wildlife corridor. Or jump over to Santa Cruz Island Preserve, in the Channel Islands. Where TNC is mapping bishop pines to understand why the trees are dying and what they can do about it, all in the effort to preserve California’s diversity and beauty for generations to come. california dreamin google street view

Santa Cruz Island, in the Channel Islands

H)Meanwhile, the vistas at Angel Island State Park. With Google’s headquarters nestled alongside the San Francisco Bay in Mountain View, Calif., this imagery of our great state is especially close to our hearts. We hope it inspires you to take a trip out and explore the west coast!  Meanwhile, the vistas at Angel Island State Park.

Meanwhile, the vistas at Angel Island State Park. Posted by Deanna Yick, Street View Program Manager earthtopomaps


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