California dreamin’ with Street View

California dreamin` with Street View california-screen-shot-2015-06-29-at-9-05-03-am

California June 30, 2015

What better place to venture this summer than sunny California?. Starting today. You’ll be able to explore hundreds of new locations across the Golden State with Street View in Google Maps. So whether you’re sipping cabernet sauvignon in Napa. Dipping in the Pacific Ocean. Or hiking through the redwoods, you’ll get a peek of what awaits you along Route 101.

California boasts more than three thousand wineries across the state. And is known for its varietals ranging from buttery chardonnays to big-time zins. Aspiring sommeliers. Wine enthusiasts or just those who love a good view can now take a virtual tour of wineries across the state. Enjoy the sunny elegance and wonderful scenery at wineries like William Hill and Wolff Vineyards (we recommend you grab a glass while you browse). Explore the drums where wine is aged at Quintessa Winery before enjoying the open air patios that overlook the green hillsides of northern California.

Wolff Vineyards, San Luis Obispo, CA

Nature lovers and camping enthusiasts alike can travel the winding trails through Big Basin Redwoods State Park and Portola Redwoods State Park, and gaze at glorious trees that rise hundreds of feet overhead. Meanwhile, the vistas at Angel Island State Park. Mendocino Headlands State Park and Glen Canyon Park may leave you breathless.

Redwood Loop Trail, Big Basin Redwoods State Park, California

Surf’s up! The Pacific Ocean may be chilly in person, but it sure looks warm under the Street View sun at Silver Strand State Beach. Looking out at the wide, expansive coastline at Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach. The clouds seem to sit right on the California horizon.

Silver Strand State Beach, California

You can see conservation of these amazing landscapes happening right before your eyes by visiting several nature preserves. Guided by Trekker loan partner. The Nature Conservancy of California (TNC). See Kammerer Ranch Preserve, where TNC is studying blue oak trees in a protected watershed. Or Gonzales Farm Preserve, where you can go back in time to watch plants grow in an effort to build a wildlife corridor. Or jump over to Santa Cruz Island Preserve, in the Channel Islands. Where TNC is mapping bishop pines to understand why the trees are dying and what they can do about it, all in the effort to preserve California’s diversity and beauty for generations to come.

Santa Cruz Island, in the Channel Islands

With Google’s headquarters nestled alongside the San Francisco Bay in Mountain View, Calif., this imagery of our great state is especially close to our hearts. We hope it inspires you to take a trip out and explore the west coast!

Posted by Deanna Yick, Street View Program Manager

Trekker Loan Program turns two

Trekker Loan Program turns two!

Trekker Loan Program. Two years ago, we started the Where we invite partners to help us gather Street View imagery. Of many breathtaking places around the world. Two years ago, we started the Where we invite partners to help us gather Street View imagery. Of many breathtaking places around the world. Since then, we’ve added imagery from a vast variety of locations. — from natural wonders right in organizations backyards to hard-to-reach sites we would never have been able to access by ourselves.

Now with a tap of your finger or the click of your mouse. You can hike through the glorious mountainside in Spain with Generalitat de Catalunya Trekker Loan Program Walk the pilgrimage route of Kumano Kodo in Japan with the Mie Kumano-kodo Society of Commerce and Industry Trekker Loan Program . Explore the Canadian Arctic with Polar Bears International. And Trekker Loan Program even venture with the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau across dried volcanic lava.

Route: Racó d´en Marc, Spain

If you like to take the road less travelled. We’ve got just the thing for you. Thanks to our partner Visit Greenland Trekker Loan Program. You can visit the viking ruins and ice fjords in Greenland. Or go with Blue Ventures on a journey to Madagascar. the world’s oldest island. chock full of unique views and vegetation. And for those of you looking for an extra thrill. Journey to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil to soar down a zipline with our partners. The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation.

Zipline in the Juma Sustainable Development Reserve, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

Seeing the hundreds of stunning sites collected by our partners makes it hard not to envy all the amazing locations they’re lucky enough to call home. Check out the jaw-dropping beauty of Colorado National Monument taken by Grand Junction Visitor & Convention Bureau. The impressive view of the cityscape from Sydney Harbor National Park courtesy of New South Wales National Parks & Wildlife Service. And the meandering waters of England’s Bradford-on-Avon Wharf collected by our friends at the Canal & River Trust.

Colorado National Monument, USA

To see more highlights from our 200 Trekker Loan Partners to date. See all the collections in our Street View and Trekker Loan Program Galleryand . Including those for U.S. Highlights, the Dolomites. Trekker Loan Program Kyoto by the Sea. Ticino Switzerland, remote islands and many more. The world awaits your exploration!

And if you’re a nonprofit. Tourism board. Trekker Loan Program. government agency. University or other entity interested in borrowing our camera equipment to share your favorite places with the world. apply now to be the next Trekker.

Posted by Deanna Yick. Street View Program Manager

Street View imagery A journey of 5,000km

Street View imagery A journey of 5,000km begins with a single steppe

Street View imagery July 22, 2015

With more than 250 sunny days a year (that’s about 100 more than you’d get in bright Portland). Mongolia is known by many as the “land of the eternal blue sky.”. Now you can take in some of these beautiful Mongolian blues with new Street View imagery. Which takes you across 5,000km of the country’s steppes. deserts. Icy lakes and rushing rivers.

Last fall we strapped a Street View camera onto a four-wheel drive pickup truck to begin capturing 360-imagery from rugged Mongolian roads. Since then we’ve also gone off-road to capture images of the country’s most beautiful places with Ariuntuul. Our Mongolian Trekker operator. Who carried the 18-kg Street View Trekker into the wild expanses of Mongolia’s diverse countryside.

Say hi or “Сайн байна уу” to our Mongolian Trekker operator, Ari

Take a tour of the placid frozen blues of Khuvsgul Lake. Onto the Eastern Highway for a look at Mongolia’s winter sunshine, over rainbows painted across the Selenga River. Across the vast and clouded horizon over the Gobi desert, and even towards the gers on the outskirts of the rapidly growing capital city, Ulaanbaatar.

Sled across the Khuvsgul Lake, the second largest freshwater lake in Asia. with Street View.

Experience the winter sunset from Mongolia’s Eastern Highway 

Spot the rainbow over the shadow of our Street View truck near Selenga River 

Sand, sky and clouds as far as you can see near Tsogt-Ovoo 

A glimpse at the round rooftops of Ulaanbaatar 

Although adventurers will spend weeks exploring the hidden treasures of Mongolia, you can now join us on a whirlwind tour in just a few clicks. Until then…have a nice journey, on Street View and beyond!

Posted by Cynthia Wei, Street View Program Manager, Google Maps,

Street View App Introducing the new Street View

Street View App. Introducing the new Street View app from Google Maps

Street View app September 3, 2015

For all the Street View app fans out there: exploring the world just got even easier. Today we are introducing the new Street View app for Android and iOS, which allows you for the first time. To tour immersive 360-degree imagery and instantly contribute your own. — right to Google Maps. Find a great hiking trail, check out restaurant and hotel interiors, and snap and share your own photo spheres (360-degree panoramas) to Google Maps for others to explore and enjoy. All in one place.

 The new Street View app for Android (left) and iOS (right)


In one gallery, you can explore Street View collections and content from Google Maps alongside photo spheres contributed from people around the globe. So whether you want to track the Loch Ness monster in Scotland, scale the famed rock wall El Capitan in Yosemite, or hike Mt. Fuji, the Street View app has you covered. For more visit my website

Explore Google Maps and user galleries in the Street View


Now you can publish photo spheres of your favorite places from around the world (or around the block!) to Google Maps instantly. The Street View allows you to shoot photo spheres directly from your Android phone or iPhone or connect to spherical cameras like the Ricoh Theta S, or NCTech iris360. For more information visit my website

Publish photo spheres directly to Google Maps in the Street View

Starting today. The Street View will replace the Photo Sphere Camera app for iPhones. And the Street View from Google Maps app on Android phones. It is available for download on iTunes and Google Play.

Posted by Charles Armstrong, Product Manager at Google Maps for more visit my website

Google Maps Street View elephants of the Samburu

Google Maps Street View. Walk alongside the elephants of the Samburu National Reserve. 

Google Maps Street View. It’s a wild life at the Save the Elephants research camp in Samburu. In the heart of northern Kenya’s wilderness. For the last 15 years at Save the Elephants. I’ve spent my days among the elephants. Working alongside my fellow Samburu people to study and protect them. Google Maps Street View.  Research shows that 100,000 elephants across Africa were killed for their ivory between 2010-2012. But thanks to our work in the Samburu National Reserve their numbers are now slowly increasing. Today, a visit to Samburu is a chance not only to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. But also discover a uniquely beautiful landscape where people’s live are interwoven with the landscape’s wildlife. It’s my honour to invite you on a journey to my homeland with Google Maps Street View.

Google Maps Street View. Every time I drive into the Reserve, I can see the trust on the elephants’ faces and feel a warm welcome. When I’m out and about. I never know which of my fellow citizens. I’ll bump into next. Street View Google Maps It could be some of the 600+ elephants I can recognize.—like the Hardwood family.—frolicking together. A group of Samburu warriors walking along the Ewaso Nyiro River. A pride of lions enjoying a bit of shade. Or a leopard crossing the path. While you make your journey through Street View. You may be surprised what awaits. Street View Google Maps.Hardwood family of elephants, Samburu National Reserve, Kenya Google Maps Street View .

Google Maps Street View. South of Samburu, up into the hills of Kenya. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy awaits exploration. In this greener landscape. You can cross the open savannah. Where animals like zebras and rhinoceroses live protected from poachers and hunters. Every day. The Lewa radio command center plots the movements of elephants. (and other GPS-collared wildlife) onto Google Earth to help rangers determine where elephants are and when they might be in danger. If an elephant’s GPS collar sends an alert to indicate the elephant has stopped moving. A team of rangers and tracking dogs will investigate. Save the Elephants was one of the first organizations to use this technology. Having collared 266 elephants across Africa since 1998. Street View Google Maps.Elephants and zebras graze in the open plains of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Street View in Google Maps. Visiting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. You can see the devastating effect of poaching and other causes of elephant deaths in Kenya. Founded in 1977. The Trust provides lifesaving assistance to wild animals in need. Including orphaned elephants and rhinos. At their Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi. Elephant caretakers stand in for an elephant’s lost family. Providing 24/7 care and specially formulated milk. As the orphans grow. They are gradually reintegrated back into the wild, where they are protected by the charity’s Anti-Poaching and Aerial Surveillance Teams. To date. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has hand-raised more than 180 orphaned infant elephants. Including little Sokotei. Who I helped to rescue in Samburu after his mother died of natural causes when he was six months old. He’s just one elephant amid thousands that have been lost across the continent. But when you’re up against a challenge of this scale, every elephant counts. Street View Google Maps.

Google Maps Street View. Orphaned elephants play in the mud at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya. I hope this glimpse into life in Samburu has inspired you to learn more about elephants’ plight and how you can help. Samburu is my home and is full of life. To ensure it remains that way. Please consider supporting the research of Save the Elephants. Making a donation to the anti-poaching efforts of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Or fostering an orphaned elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. After exploring in Street View. Come and see us here in Kenya in person—we’d love to have you! Street View Google Maps.                                     Posted by David Daballen, Head of Field Operations at Save the Elephants

Street View Philippines Islands of the Philippines

Street View Philippines. Starting today. You can virtually explore downtown Manila, wander the historic streets of Vigan. And see where boxing legend Manny Pacquiao grew up and trained. With the launch of new Street View imagery in the Philippines Islands of the Philippines now on Street View.

Street View Philippines September 16, 2015

Street View Philippines. Starting today. You can virtually explore downtown Manila, wander the historic streets of Vigan. And see where boxing legend Manny Pacquiao grew up and trained. With the launch of new Street View imagery in the Philippines. Thanks to the support of the Philippines Department of Tourism. 37 cities and 35 historic locations—including eight UNESCO world heritage sites—are now available for the world to explore in 360-degree panoramic views with Street ViewStreet View Philippines

Street View Philippines Calle Crisologo. Vigan From the beautiful baroque churches of Miag-ao and Paoay. To Bantigui Island’s stunning beaches. Or Pulag peaks. This new imagery showcases some of the archipelago’s most important historical sites and natural beauty. This imagery expands on existing Street View collections in the Philippines. Including underwater views from Apo Island and images of Manila’s historic walled city of IntramurosStreet View Philippines.

Miag-ao Church, Miagao, Iloilo Street View Philippines.


Paoay Church, Paoay, Ilocos Norte Street View Philippines.


Bantigui Island, Gigantes Islands 

Street View Philippines In addition to seeing the Philippines’ famous beaches and churches. You can take an insider’s tour of Manny Pacquiao’s. hometown of General Santos City. Glimpse the Pacman Wildcard Gym that Manny owns, named after the gym in Los Angeles where he used to train. Or wander around his farm.

Street View Philippines For those looking for something truly unique, head to Baguio for some inspiration and see the Cemetery of Negativism at Camp John Hay, a place where people can bury bad thoughts and vibes in humor, which was established in the early 80’s, or stop by Dinosaur Island in Benguet to experience the dinosaur era with life-size animatronic sauruses. 

Cemetery of Negativism, Camp John Hay

Street View Philippines Mapping an archipelago with 7,000+ islands is no small undertaking. Since kicking off imagery collection last January, we’ve driven well over 10,000 miles across the country. We’ll continue to bring Street View to new places across the Philippines, so people around the world can see even more of the beauty and diversity of the country for themselves. Pinoys who would like to share their corner of the world with the world can also use our new Street View app to create and share your own panoramic images.
Posted by Ken Lingan, Country Manager, Google Philippines

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